In May 2017, Dr. Hines and his wife founded Hinesight, a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to address poverty in the communities surrounding Washington, DC.

Dr. HinesHinesight was started with the goal of supporting our city's public school system by offering financial and relational resources to the young people in our community. Although that is still a big part of what we do, we recognize that supporting young people is only half of the equation when it comes to sustainable change in our community. Through a combination of youth mentorship, adult empowerment, and community service, Hinseight is proud to make a difference in the lives of local families every day!

Poverty is experienced differently in every city, county, and country. A key component of the Hinesight program is describing and defining what poverty is like in our community — understanding what poverty means and how it's experienced in our community is essential to making effective strides in transitioning out of poverty and toward a brighter future.

A Brighter Outlook for the Whole Family

Hinesight is all about family helping families. We love family at Hinesight — it’s embedded in our name! Hinesight combines our love for family and our vision or sight — for strengthening and empowering other Washington families.

Helping Washington Communities Thrive

At Hinesight our focus is 2Generational, empowering families by offering programs that empower both youth and adults. We believe in nurturing talent, unearthing potential, and enriching communities! We have an equation that our organization operates by: Youth + Adults = Community. In order to have a community where all individuals can live well, there needs to be resources and opportunities devoted to both youth and adults. At Hinesight, It is our belief that neither can be neglected if we are to address the issues in our community, including poverty.

Individuals Reaching Their Full Potential

You're never too young or too old to take the next step! Hinesight creates genuine relationships that help individuals realize their full potential., in turn helping our community reach its full potential! We achieve this through our youth mentorship and adult empowerment programs.

Mentorship for Change

At Hinesight, we believe mentorship should be for a young person while being effective in helping that young person grow into a healthy young adult. This is achieved with the help of a nurturing, responsible, and committed adult mentor. The Hinesight mentoring program uses a developmental approach, focusing on five main values: social competencies, commitment to learning, positive identity, empowerment, and positive values. The mentorship experience focuses on a strong relationship between the mentor and the mentee. Our adult mentors take the time to learn who the children really are — getting to know them, their interests, and what they like to do. They spend time together through our activities-based curriculum.

We like to think of our youth mentorship program as a road map, recognizing that every young person is different, with different needs, and different aspirations. The starting point may vary based on the needs of our mentees but the finish line is the same: well-rounded young adults who are both thriving in school and out of school!

Getting Ahead: Adult Empowerment

Getting Ahead is an 8-week group-based, interactive workshop series designed to equip adults with the knowledge necessary to build the future they envision. Hinesight helps adults transition from poverty through building resources, focusing on a healthy community environment, and helping individuals build a future that allows them to thrive.

The program follows two stories throughout each exercise within the course: the individual's personal growth and the community in which the individual resides. At Hinesight, we created Getting Ahead to help families do more than just get by. In the program, adults gain the tools to succeed, form a plan for a better future, and take action toward positive changes.

Learn More About Community Development in Washington, DC

Want to learn more about how Dr. Hines and Hinesight serve the community? Contact us or visit Premier Family Dental to learn more, discuss volunteer opportunities, and get to know the local dentist who cares for the families of Washington, DC, and beyond!

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