Ways To Overcome Dental Anxieties

Does the thought of calling the dentist office to make an appointment for a cleaning leave you with clammy hands and an unsettled feeling in your stomach? If so, you are one of the many patients who suffer from dental anxiety. While it may seem like overcoming dental fear and anxiety is a mountainous feat, there are many techniques that you can attempt to make the dentist visit bearable and possibly even a calm and relaxing experience. 

Dental Anxiety

The biggest concern with dental anxiety is many patients avoid visiting the dentist, resulting in further tooth decay and needed treatments, which only adds to more time in the dentist chair. We want to help make you feel comfortable and confident in any treatment or procedure that you have done in our office so that you can be proactive with your oral health.

Visit Our Office Prior to Appointment Time

Dr. Hines welcomes any patient with anxiety to visit our office prior to their appointment time. Patients are welcome to tour the office, sit in the chair in the exam room, and ask any questions they might have about what to expect from the treatment they will be receiving. We want our patients to be informed about what to expect and have all the information they need to feel comfortable. 

Tips to Overcome Anxiety

We understand that even after visiting our office, there still may be some tension and anxious feelings about your appointment. These are some tips that can help ease your fears:

  • Be mindful of what you eat and drink - items that contain caffeine or have a high sugar content will not help anxiety. It is best to eat a protein filled meal to help calm your system.
  • Listen to music - bring your favorite headphones and create a calming playlist of your favorite songs to drown out the noises of the office.
  • Use breathing techniques - it is best to breathe deeply and slowly during treatments. When nervous, patients have a tendency to hold their breath slightly, which can increase anxiety.

If you are struggling with dental anxiety, we encourage you to reach out to our location in Washington, DC and speak to one of our wonderful staff members, who will further assist you in making an appointment to discuss additional options that may be available to you. We hope to see you soon!

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